January 26, 2014


Russian poet whose sonorous verses have been acclaimed as among the best of his time.

Little is recorded of Mandelstam´s early life.
He studied at both the University of Heidelberg and the University of St. Petersburg and published his first poems in 1908.
Shortly afterward he joined a literary group whose members believed in compactness, simplicity and perfection of form.

He wrote very little: two collections of verse Kamen (The Stone) and Tristiya (1922, Tristia) which were published in one volume as Stikhotvoreniya in 1928 and a few novellas and some translations.

His verses have been praised for their classical restraint, terseness and resonance.

During the Soviet period Mandelstam´s output was very limited.
Probably arrested in 1937 he is reported to have died either in or on the way to a labour camp.

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